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Another Bubble Girl
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 19th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 209

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Sexier than ever! She returns! This time, in the full version of: "Another Bubble Girl".

Update note: This is an updated version!
The game now has many improvements, Moving Platforms improved, Safer collision with walls(?), Animated Intro, Boss power up bar + Boss pinch music, Boss level adjustment. fixed unpassed level in the "Lava Lore", minor graphic changes, Squash Bubble Girl IT file a little changed... Basically... All these will make the game abit better...

Why does it called so?
Well, This time, Due to a very wet dream that I had, Several floppies appeared around the Land of "Burdam" where is the place of Vipercity the city that also known from the game NastyMan, As a special town of yuth... BigBig is up to make some trouble at ViperCity while bubble girl was far away out for another adventure... She knew that BigBig is up to something, So she jornies back to vipercity, And this time, she has the ability to use the powerfull floppies to turn into "another" Bubble Girl... She is the same, But with a new look and a new power abilities and attacks... There are about 8 different type of floppies, Each floppy give her different attack, and jumping ability, and also changes her look, while playing... You might see her smiling, frowning, *Grining* in the big picture, but this time in different sexy looks, depends on her power-ups...

The power of the different floppies around give Bubble Girl the ability to change into Fire Bubble Girl that shoots fire bubbles that makes enemies burn, Ice Bubble Girl, that freeze her enemies with Ice Bubble... Rare Plasma Girl, that shoots strong Rapid Fire... The Giagantic, Squash Bubble Girl, that basically, beside having giagantic short ranged & powerfull bubbles can cause earth quakes when she jumps, or collides enemies by mistakes and even more...

There are various monsters to fight against, with different attacks, Yet simple, but very nice, often challanging a little...
The Bosses are might be difficult this time, and need to be hit allot to be defeated... This time, it's trickier to avoid their attacks so react quick when you face against one...

Now basically, What you get here are:

-About 66 Levels + 7 boss scenes in 7 different Areas...
-about 25 different enemies and monsters to fight against + 7 boss monsters.
-various music themes, as bubble girl change her weapon or gets into farther areas...
-INI based continue system Similar to this in Sonic Advance, Which let you get back to an area once you finish one before. in additional to the standard password system.
-One girl that looks just too good for some people... Now having about 8 different looks beside her standard apperiance...

Release Notes:
This is the complete version. However, due to the instability of the Module pluging(Game uses music in Mod realted format) the game might crush while playing.
If this intend to happen allot to you, I suggest to download the game from:, Since it Mods are external.
& remove the Mod realated files from the game's directory if nececary... I assume it might stabilize the game...

While playing, I can also assume that the bosses in the game still might be alittle difficult for some players. So comment me about any difficulties while facing bosses...

The game is safe for playing in most of it execpt
that It has some "BETA" secrets that are hidden deep in it.

Have fun playing it!

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Posted by columbo borgi :C 20th June, 2005

looks funny, downloading.. :O
Posted by axel 20th June, 2005

yay, me likes alot. I'm gonna review it... :)
Posted by axel 20th June, 2005

ouch, i died in the 2nd level boss and warped right into the desert level boss XD
Posted by Yai7 20th June, 2005

Lucky you! =) Great! I'll fix it! Thanks!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 20th June, 2005

it crashes whenever I start the first level.
Posted by Yai7 20th June, 2005

Sherlin. Try playing it again, Or remove the Mod Files if the game continue to crash. ModFX seems to make it abit unstable...
Posted by axel 20th June, 2005

Reviewed! :)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 20th June, 2005

Taking out the mod files worked well til I got the second boss. Then it crashed for no reason. Pretty cool game. The old hag floppy was funny.
Posted by Yai7 20th June, 2005

That thing about the old witch was appeared in my dream, So I had to add it... Keep farther to the game, if it doesn't crush often, to see more about that floppy...
Posted by Phredreeke 21st June, 2005

Posted by clwe 21st June, 2005

I don't mean to sound too harsh, but the recently-spoken phrase 'boob-induced votes' (for the wallpaper compo) springs to mind here. The graphics are nice and original, but my interest waned before the end of the first set of levels. I pushed on for a while after to see if it would surprise me all of a sudden...but unfortunately that wasn't the case. There are good ideas, such as the variety of floppy power-ups you can obtain (the old hag 'power-down' was funny, too) and the varying attack patterns of the enemies. However, the basic platform engine really lets the game down. The faults of the built in-movement (i.e. the slip-slidey way you move, how you lose your speed upon hitting a wall in mid-air) makes precision movement very difficult. The levels don't have much 'interactivity' to them besides the enemies too, which made it feel pretty repetitive after a while.
Posted by Imadjinn 21st June, 2005

:/ Sorry to go against the general like of this game, but it's just buggy as heck... You end up inside the walls, when you run it ends up going into overdrive and on several occassions I ended up being sucked towards the right of the screen... Fix these up and this would be a tight game...
Posted by axel 22nd June, 2005

it's just buggy as heck... nah, click my profile and download Billy Terroristo. that's buggy like heck ^_^
Posted by Yai7 22nd June, 2005

The "Old witch disk" isn't a power down...! >=( Tough it is casted... You should get to know how to use it! Find out how and you can kill all the enemies on stage with it!
Posted by Jetstar 22nd June, 2005

This game is awesome! You should add a health bar to the bosses. And you can't beat the second boss! I got it stuck in the corner and kept hitting it but after about five minutes I gave up. Fix it please! This game is great!
Posted by clwe 22nd June, 2005

Hmm...really? Well, the witch disk seemed like a power down to me because you moved so slowly and couldn't seem to do anything. It reminded me of the metal head in Dynamite Headdy =P
Posted by Cecilectomy 22nd June, 2005

Posted by Toxic 23rd June, 2005

Well, This time, Due to a very wet dream that I had, Several floppies appeared around the Land of "Burdam" NastyMan, you are crazy.
Posted by Klikmaster 23rd June, 2005

No, he's a man
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 25th June, 2005

Bubblegirl is for Nastyman what Diamond is for Brandon. i.e. there's bloody loads of em.
Posted by Ecstazy 26th June, 2005

It's like Mega Men, more and more to come. I think you should think of something new, like adding fan service.
Posted by Nev Eagleson 3rd August, 2005

The lightning girl is great - 1 shot can kill everything on the level. Also I shot at the boss and killed it in one hit, because each shot shoots multiple shots when they hit, and each of those shoot as well, and they do, etc.. it just created this ring of fire that finished the boss off.
Posted by Nev Eagleson 3rd August, 2005

There is a major bug with the moving platforms though. If even just your head touches one you start moving along the level, as if you were on the platofrm even when your not. I had a hard time trying to reach the exit because I was always moving to the edge of the screen
Posted by en kerro 28th December, 2005

Argh... change that .exe to .zip or it doesn't download!





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