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Neonair Racing
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames] Submitted: 29th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 553
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Edited By Snerlin - taco advocate on 11/4/2007

Edited By Snerlin (Neonair Games) on 6/29/2005

I started Neonair Racing a year ago while experimenting around with Mode7. I got a solid enough racing engine going and turned it into a completed game. I would've finished it sooner if it weren't for a certain evil MMORPG.

.:: Story ::.

One night, people saw a UFO in the sky. So they went back to sleep since they saw UFOs all the time. However, the people inside the UFO had something special planned. The evil sorceress, Pandemonia, and her toadies are going to blow up the world with a giant laser! Their plans were going well until the UFO’s pilot got drunk and crashed it into a really tall mountain. Now a bunch of crazy persons in gokarts came out to stop Pandemonia. For some reason, however, they’ll have to race each other before they can defeat her.

.:: Controls ::.

-up arrow to go forward

-left/right arrows to turn

-Ctrl to brake or go in reverse

-Enter to select something from a menu/skip intro

-Shift to use item

-F2 to restart the game

-Alt + F4 to quit the game at any time.

2nd player controls:

-w to go forward

-a/d to turn

-f to brake or go in reverse

-g to use item

.:: Features ::.

-1-player mode with 8 characters to choose from and 3 race cups to play through, each having 4 races and a boss battle level.

-2-player battle mode with 26 characters and 4 arenas to choose from

-4 different weapons to blow each other up with

-lots of mode 7

-1 original midi Image


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Posted by Matt Boothman 30th June, 2005

Damn you Snerlin - you put the wrong sprite of the Noodle cart into the game. You put the crappy one in.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th June, 2005

You finally finished it! Looks great, downloading!
Posted by Ski 30th June, 2005

i learned how to use the mode 7 today after playing this, its an awsome object and alot easier to use than many people say!
Posted by Fifth 30th June, 2005

Wow... this game SO doesn't run on my computer... But that's to be expected. Looks cool, though! I wish I could see it running in its full glory...
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 30th June, 2005

looks pretty awsome- i think mode 7 needs to be upgraded rather than snerlin's programming- he's pretty much broken its limits :(
Posted by Joshua M. 30th June, 2005

COOL gonna download now
Posted by Chrisbo 30th June, 2005

it's ok.. about as good as you can get considering the limitations. the tracks work fine but the opponents and other objects on the track are pretty chunky and they pop all over the place. mmf definitely wasn't designed for something like this.
Posted by Blake Speers 30th June, 2005

I liked Snerlin's latest RPG in terms of mechanics, it did a lot that I would like to do with an RPG, but ultimately the game came off a little monotonous. Similar problems here. Nice sprite graphics, good scripting considering limitations, but everything looked very generic and the gameplay was not original or really thrilling. The lack of perpective for the various barriers was distracting and confusing. I got stuck in the third level and when I quit the game, the way the game had changed my resolution made it difficult to reset the computer and fix the alterations. Still, a good, well realized attempt to do something that must be very hard in MMF. Intentionally empty storylines are only really funny when taken seriously, here there just wasn't quite enough. Would play it again for some of the cute characters though.
Posted by Yai7 30th June, 2005

Sorry for my crude written review... I was finished written it in 1:50 at night, so I discovered I have made lots of grammar mistakes... It was God who wanted me to give (His &) your game a grade of 9... You know... You don't get an idea for a game without a reason... It was God who put it in your head... Your great work couldn't get less than that... God would be happier if everyone will see how nice his ideas, & his blessings of talent gifted for the people who make these games. As for my crude games? Ok. Ok... I throw some coins to donate a synagog to make amends for making such horrible disasters... May the visitors of this site won't take me in count... J/K!!! I hope you'll get more great comments & may this be the worset night of your life. =) Good night man! =)
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 30th June, 2005

XD new concept, eh jonny?
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 30th June, 2005

oh, and sHerlin, nasytman? haha at least your review was acutally entertaining to read!:)
Posted by Noyb 30th June, 2005

Snerlin: Have you tried the Alpha Channel Object? It stores pictures internally, and supports run-time resizing.
Posted by Alex Scobell 30th June, 2005

That's really screwed up how things are GIANT until you get closer and they shrink. Guess this game's OK, but even for a klik game it's not visually pleasing nor that fun. But it's OK I guess for a time killer.
Posted by Noyb 30th June, 2005

Gah! It crashed on the indoor sewer level, leaving me with a Windows resolution too small to see the display properties window! Luckily, I was able to tab over to the resolution bar blind. Sorry to seem so harsh, as this game is extremely ambitious in a click product.
Posted by Cecilectomy 30th June, 2005

The thing gave me a damn headache.
Posted by Jason Dudie 1st July, 2005

stupid sheep!
Posted by Assault Andy 1st July, 2005

Looks great, I love the slidy menus. There's one thing really bugging me, and that's that the objects\players don't disappear when they are too far away. They really should.
Posted by Brad  1st July, 2005

Ever heard of depth perception?
Posted by Kirby Smith 1st July, 2005

Given the limitations of your tools, this is quite impressive. As a couple others have mentioned, you might try using the alpha-channel object for the sprites so that they scale better. Also, the collision detection seems a bit wonky.
Posted by DaVince 1st July, 2005

Yeah, this IS impressive. Tho the movement is a bit off... :(
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 1st July, 2005

It seems to be crashing a lot on the sewer level for people. I'll see what I can do about that. The alpha channel sounds like a good idea, but it'd take forever to replace all the active object sprites with alpha channels. I know the collisions are a bit wonky, I made the engine a year ago. Used to have it so you could collide with opponents, but it became frustrating to keep bumping into them. MMF doesn't like working with multiple copies of the same object(that's what I used for the opponents), so I can't make opponents curse you for passing them unless I made all the opponents be unique active objects. This is the same reason I can't make it show the other racers who placed unless I did a random placer generator thing. Also the same reason I'm not going to add a minimap. You can do freerace all you want since you have unlimited retries. Just drive around without racing. Then when you're done, finish the race, game over, retry, win. Making 2-player race mode will take forever as well. I'm not going to make stats because then I'd have to redo the whole movement system. I'm not going to be adding anything more to this game, but I'll try to fix some of the bugs everyone's found in it. If I ever make another racing game, I'll try adding in all those suggestions though.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 1st July, 2005

I've fixed that bug on the sewer level. Apparently, MMF's fine with running more than one mode7 object, but the exe doesn't like it. If it still crashes on you, I changed it to resize display rather than change resolution. So there shouldn't be anymore problems with resolution changes now. If anyone still has problems with it crashing on that level, I'll add in a level skip button for that level.
Posted by Zapper 1st July, 2005

Its a great game snerlin! I wondered why I kept crashing into things though, and its because the car only turns in 32 directions (I think). Thats the only bad thing I can say about it really! Its very good fun and hopefully it will have inspired everybody to try out Mode7.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 1st July, 2005

I did use 360 directions for the movement, it's just that the "real" player object doesn't move far (it goes at around 5 pixels forward at top speed. Since MMF can't handle decimal positions, it's a bit weird on the movement.
Posted by Noyb 1st July, 2005

Okay, the new sewer level doesn't crash for me. When I finally made it to Pandemonia, I accidentally jumped straight into the acid. The yelping sound started repeating, but the level didn't restart.
Posted by Jason Orme 1st July, 2005

Awful game, but I have to admire you for attempting to use Mode 7 and showing us what can be done with it.
Posted by Butt Head 1st July, 2005

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd July, 2005

It is sort of screwy, I must admit. I can see the characters through the walls (they float by the way). The bouncing platform can get annyoing as well. But this is a great game considering that it was made with MMF. And it's much more then I could have done with the Mode7 object. ;)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 3rd July, 2005

mode7 wouldn't let me put characters behind the walls.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 4th July, 2005

if mode7 would let me do that...
Posted by Phredreeke 5th July, 2005

This game is a feat for a click game, but there are so many much better racers :( Makes me think, should SS Racing be flat bird's eye view like micro machines?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 5th July, 2005

Yes, that's right Phizzy, you can't make active objects invisible. Not even if you go on the event editor and tell it to be invisible.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 5th July, 2005

I'm surprised nobody has said "wtf" about the run option on the title screen yet.
Posted by vortex2 5th July, 2005

Well this is the best mode7 racing game made in MMF that I have ever seen. However the graphics made my head hurt, the resize engine seemed to be off, Some of the collisions where quite annoying (bouncing back and losing control lol)... The AI engine was pretty cool for being mode7 (although very easy to beat). Lots of points for making a game that uses mode7 but really MMF is just not made for making 3d games.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th July, 2005

Even though it's extreamly buggy I still think this is a innovative klik-game. ;)
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 6th July, 2005

The sheep are evil. . .
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 6th July, 2005

The sheep are evil. . .
Posted by Nuklear41 12th July, 2005

God, ten minutes to download.
Posted by ben mercer 15th July, 2005

Looked cool from the screenies and the menu was nice. This kinda reminded me of that bob sleigh game that went out a while ago: nice looking graphics, but terrible gameplay. I know it's something new, but using mode 7 isnt that difficult, and i'll bet if snerlin has another crack at mode 7 he'll make something far better next time.
Posted by ben mercer 15th July, 2005

RE: Phizzy DETECTING whether the object is behind a mode7 wall is the impossible bit, not makin the actives invisible :)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 15th July, 2005

I'll more than likely use Mode7 for some of my newer projects. For Bubba the Blob, my friend and I are thinking of having a few racing levels. I'll be sure to make a better system in there. I'll probably just not even mess with walls anymore in mode 7.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th July, 2005

Err... you might not want to read my review at Klik-Me XD
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 16th July, 2005

lol, I know it's crap with the gameplay and resizing. By the end of it all I just wanted to get the game over and done with, so I didn't bother going back through all the levels to redo the entire AI and make a new resize thing. I've figured out that my strong point is definitely not racing games. I'm gonna go make a platformer now.
Posted by X_Sheep 17th July, 2005

In 3D? XD
Posted by izac 17th July, 2005

he said platformer... you side wipe ass wipe are you asleep in the night, dumbo, for yo, he said platform not 3D not for ME!XD
Posted by Gamesreul 17th July, 2005

I still have not downloaded it, but it looks cool
Posted by izac 18th July, 2005

it's alright.. but the sprites always stay the same size, even if there along way away from you
Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2005

Also, you had the game running in a high resolution, albeit resized to fit the current window display. Had you used a lower res, perhaps the game might have run faster.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 4th August, 2005

you can make platformers with 3-d graphics, even maybe add a little depth to them too if you want
Posted by ben mercer 5th August, 2005

I'm making a ship combat game, i've been working on it a day- I never reallised how totally awesome mode7 really was!





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