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Z.A.T.T Demo
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 9th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 85

Edited By NastyMan on 4/8/2010

Edited By NastyMan on 6/26/2006

Z.A.T.T (Zvadiah Amajo's Tank Trooper) is a Tank shooter game envolving alien invation in the desert area close to viper city. The aliens are bunch of retarded guys who landad aimlessly just to shoot with their tanks everyware

As for NastyMan, Who is from the war thriving (Viperian)human race
is one thing, Steal a trooper tank (The red one!) and start to slaughtering the naughty invaders only for invading his land and become a remarkable hero...

This time he gets itself into real pain...
Game doesn't contain much speech this time, but more evolving shooting the various aliens.

Each alien attack alittle differently...
There are the Nems, who are the sissy gal looking
The Lutipai, The mine dropping Psychopuss and Arerial bots with the lazer canon

This is only a demo and contains seven stages & a boss stage
In the full(fool) game, a Battle city style levels are planned too!

Enjoy this fun demo! It's still kinda long!

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Posted by d_ 11th June, 2006

I like it!!! I'm looking forward for the full version Nasty!
Posted by Hempuli 11th June, 2006

Posted by axel 11th June, 2006

That's an interesting movement engine. I liked the intro.
Posted by steve 13th June, 2006

Some good effort there but some work needs to be done in the following areas if you wish this to be a good "full game".

the game uses the mouse to move around but the aiming of shots is limited to 4 directions. This is wrong.

*The scrolling flickers and judders and the reason for this is the system you used for making the game go "full screen".
I suspect you used the tick in game preferences to go "full screen".
You need to make a seperate frame at the start using the Call DLL function object to change resolution properly.

Also for some reason my sound stopped working (but its probably my crappy sound card. lol)






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