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Author: Yai7 Submitted: 26th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 136

Edited By NastyMan on 11/27/2011

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This game starring Zvadiah Amajo(NastyMan) the Tank trooper, in his mission to destroy the stupid aliens who landed near vipercity.

This game is like bomberman/battle city games for NES and Super NES, featuring the ability to shoot and use powerups against the aliens also as using bombs... Each alien is attacking abit different making it often fun, challanging or boring, depend on who you are...

The game includes some simple animated cutscanes with speech like in NastyMan advance, The game itself is an action game without much speech in it, unlike in NastyMan.

Game is played by mouse, left button to shoot and right button to plant explosive.

The game contain 20 levels of Story mode(Alien Murder) and 20 more of battle city mode(Base Defend)
10 races of aliens, about 4-5 different power-ups, humoristic sense, and original mod music,

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Posted by Mruqe 27th June, 2006

I like the graphics, the badass 'plot' and the groovy intro. But for the stupid way of controlling the tank - you will burn in hell.

It would be OK if the tank wasn't 'pulled' towards the cursor. But the way it is now - controlling the tank with the mouse or forcing it to move by arrow keys - it's hardly playable. Dude, there should be an option to turn off that stupid thing that makes the tank go towards the cursor so you can freely move it by arrow keys. If you don't change it - I won't be able to give you thumbs up. But no worries - I won't give it thumbs down, I like it enough...
Posted by steve 27th June, 2006

I remember playing the demo and it had some severe problems, gonna try the full game now

Posted by steve 27th June, 2006

yeah, has the same problem as the demo:

the game uses the mouse to move around but the aiming of shots and tank movement is limited to 4 directions. This is really bad.

*the game crashed about 5 times (at the episode select screen)

The graphics are nice though, good job
Posted by AfterStar 27th June, 2006

I totally agree with Mruqe,seems a nice game but the movement is so horrible,it gave me headache after a while that I stopped playing it passed level 1.
Oh it also crashes a lot at the episode select screen as well.

Please fix the aiming/movement,remove the follow-the cursor type,its impossible to use with the arrow keys and with the mouse it just gives you headache.

...and are you working on another of those cool NastyMan "RPG" types?
Posted by 27th June, 2006

Great I liked it a lot good work
Posted by Yai7 27th June, 2006

The speciality about it is the mouse movement where it was based on a game called Smacky. I like it the way it is, 4 direction, as thats how it fits the game for my taste and make it closer to bomberman's/battle city's style... I try to be avantguard here so take it less severe if you can. Now other players who are about to download it, please preper yourself and make sure it is your fond of control for better joy! Like the DS, It's my bizzare here!
Posted by Yai7 27th June, 2006

And, You must be a pro player if you say so... & also people are getting sick by the default movement engines so spare me please, since it wasn't the first time, I also got complains about default movement about "Another Bubble Girl"... That's why stupid innovation is here.

About hell, I can drop a coin for donation, and pray for other's joy and abilities, no vow!
Posted by Andrew Barontini 28th June, 2006

I thought the control scheme was brilliant! I didn't move with the arrow keys at all. I just used the mouse and fired rapidly at all the aliens while ramming them into walls, it was great fun! Also I thought the cutscenes were kinda cool.

Posted by Ski 28th June, 2006

Yeah I didnt think the controlling was bad at all.
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 28th June, 2006

I liked it. ^^





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