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Banana Job - Demo
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 17th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 62

Edited By NastyMan on 4/8/2010

Banana Job is another game which is similar abit to the former game of my'n which is Z.A.T.T but still different

This time you play as Kiku, who got to do a banana job in this bizzar game.

Kiku uses two ways to attack.

First is with Banana Sliding also by living banana's that will make her foes slip, The bananas are limited to 5 units each time which need to be collected again and again from a special banana tree by pressing control

The second way to attack is by using a banana swordstick which is not really safe often as sliding or living peals on the floor. But it's upgradeable once as powerup has been found, so kiku can shoot banana beams too. by pressing shift for her sword stick

The demo feature 8 levels + a boss level
3 different kind of foes to fight, and a neat Mod music!

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Posted by Crimson79 18th July, 2006

Haha looks good ,pretty funny game
Posted by DaVince 19th July, 2006

Kinda looks like ZATT indeed, but I'll try it because you say it's different. Downloading.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th July, 2006

I just found a new innuendo.

Banana Jobs for all!
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd July, 2006

Oo-er, Sounds A Bit Rude.
Posted by Tomssuli 30th August, 2006

Funny name ...the screenies bring to mind an old Commodore 64 game Radar Rat Race
Posted by -Liam- 1st October, 2007

Phizzy, thats sick!

Also lolzordz etc very fun





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