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Past Life - Demo
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 11th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 86

Edited By NastyMan on 4/8/2010

Edited By NastyMan on 9/11/2006

Demo of 8 levels + Boss level.
Past-life is about the ability of reincarnation.
Each time the player is killed it has the chance to reincarnate into a new form with different stats and attack...

Holy books explains about 3 different women who were the same soul reincarnated 3 times
but unfortionatly
that woman sinned and caused great evil & misery in each of her life periods... Therefor her soul was doomed to suffer termination. Anyway
The merciful God
decided to help the poor soul so it was returned into this game's adventure in the upper world... All 3 women are reincarnated to a jorney in order that you could play... It's the soul's penalty
and maybe it could be now saved and be in heaven... Well
Not sure... Maybe...

Learn combos of each character:
Date - First Life
Stomp - Jump and press fire
Wind Crush - After pressing fire while jump press fire again
Fly - Jump and press fire
Then on ground rapidly & coninuesly press fire again
Masturbation bomb - Hold down for long - Dangerous! It's fatal!
Snow spread - While flying: Hold down

Gail - Second life
Stomp - Jump
then Fire
High jump - Up while jumping
Push - Fire
Go Bam!!! - Jump

Jazzie - Third life
Kick - Fire
Slide - Down + fire
Supreme Jump - Jump
then fire
Supreme Jump with a punch - Jump and hold <- or ->
then fire
Combo attack - Rapidly press fire mulipile times
Spreadshots - While doing Supreme Jump+punch press up
Screen blast - While doing Supreme Jump+punch press up - Then down

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 11th September, 2006

Yes, there's something wrong here.
Posted by Flava 11th September, 2006

Lol he put the description and screenshots in the wrong box - I fixed it
Posted by Ski 11th September, 2006

LOL! Yair did you get people to beta test this for you?
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 12th September, 2006

Masturbation bomb? omg! anyway, looks interesting - will download sometime soon
Posted by axel 12th September, 2006

I got this before he submitted it^^

I feel special
Posted by axel 12th September, 2006

But I kind of like the concept. It's pretty original.
Posted by 12th September, 2006

This is screwed up..
Posted by 12th September, 2006

umm.. i think this is broken.
Posted by steve 17th September, 2006

it says "could not load MODFX.dll"!
(music didnt work)
Actual game seems ok, although it is almost unplayable due to an extremely bad platform engine.

Nice original special "moves" though.
Posted by Zethell 18th September, 2006

Bad looking Gras.. allthou i like the Chars and the Background..
Posted by Zethell 18th September, 2006

Dear god! and people complaine on my Movement engines!
Posted by AndyUK 20th September, 2006

i pressed buttons and stuff happened but i couldn't figure out how to control it.
Sometimes she flew other times she shot across the screen and other times she um did something else...

I don't think i liked this game much.
Posted by PeterD 24th September, 2006

This is just VERY VERY sick. You should learn some Christian values before making games! A admin should delete this faul piece of software wright now, is'nt this supposed to be a FAMILY SITE?? I will not say any more about this.
Posted by Tomssuli 29th December, 2006

I just fall through the level and through the floor... Can't stop falling and then I disappear when I fall through the bottom and after a while the game crashes





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