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Sort or 'Splode
Author: Kai Proton Submitted: 15th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 58

Edited By Kai Proton on 3/18/2007

Ive Been working on this on and off for a few months now,

and Ive decided to finish it and upload,
Its Based on my Favorite mini-Game from NintendoDS
"Sort or'Splode"
The player must sort the bombs into their homes before they BLOW....

in game:
Move Wand - Mouse
Pick up - Left Click
Left/Right Arrows - Change music
P - Pause

Thats about it,
I didnt Rip the graphics they are from Super Mario Lib. I downloaded ages ago and the Guy who ripped them is credited on the first screen..

Hope some one has fun with this one, like I do on the DS Version..

Fixed the 1.5Kb to MB. lol

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 (1.5mb )

Posted by renneF 16th March, 2007

It's too easy
Or is the real game easy too?
Posted by Kai Proton 16th March, 2007

Whats your top score then?

and DS is quite easy, but it was made for my children lol
Posted by viva/volt 18th March, 2007

lol small game eh?
Posted by -Liam- 18th March, 2007

Well done.
Posted by Ricky 24th March, 2007

cool, ive played this on my DS. still, cool. Kind of like it better with the mouse. And youve included tons of music in some crazy format ive never seen, is from the rom images or something?
Posted by Kai Proton 24th March, 2007

Yes, the SPC is Music from the Super Nintendo,

I got them from a web sight,
but if you have ZSNES, durring the Game hit F1 and there is an option in the menu that can save the Peice of music playing at the time..
Posted by Ricky 28th March, 2007

I do and i will, is there an extension for tgf origonal, tgf2 doesn't allow me to use extensions
Posted by Kai Proton 31st March, 2007

Thats a Shame, thats why I didnt Get MMF2 I heard they didnt use Extentions,
I like the extras





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