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Ricky's Abandoned Games (abandoned)
Author: Ricky Submitted: 28th April, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 304

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Edited By -Nel- on 4/28/2008

During summer 2007, I half way finished making "Score Go". It was a platform game, but I lost interest in it, so here it is.
I also worked on Ladders2. It was supposed to be done in March, but I lost interest in this project as well.

So here's my unfinished games open sourced. They contain test levels, some custom movements, and graphics.

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Posted by JustinC 28th April, 2008

If I were to make an unfinished game compilation it would be the longest click game in history.
Posted by JFrudy 29th April, 2008

we should try to get all of the tdc developers to make an abandoned game package =o
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th April, 2008

Ossom, I love old games like this.

JFrudy - good idea. I might go hunting for some abandoned stuff later.
Comment edited by Dr. James on 4/29/2008
Posted by Zephni 29th April, 2008
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~ Can you feel the power of Dr. James!!

@DJames - your old abandoned games are most probly better than most of klikers best games they will ever make, its descusting.

in a good way..

Oh yeah edit: Your games where fun to look at and for snooping around the events, jolly good show!
Comment edited by Zephni on 4/29/2008
Posted by J.R.P 29th April, 2008
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That score GO game was just awesome man! liked the gore and liked the gravity switch thing how it makes you go upside down, that was AWESOME!
the graphics were nice and crispy, not to burnt on the sides, just right! i think you should finish it.
Posted by viva/volt 29th April, 2008
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I would make an abandoned games pack but I just checked and my "Dead" games folder is 700mb and I can't be bothered to scrape them into a presentable state anyway.

Not bad concepts Ricky, in Score Go I liked that it sounded exactly like you making noises into a microphone for the sound effects.
Posted by Hempuli 29th April, 2008
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Gurgh, I'd LOVE to make an abandoned game compilation, but well, could I really call that a game?

Awesome work here, I love old klik games, it was so fun to make games back then
Posted by NeoMonkey 29th April, 2008
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Yeah, open source small games are great, but well...
Posted by Ricky 29th April, 2008

@Ben: I remember having lots of fun making the sound effects

@Dr. James: Please release some of your old stuff, I'd love to look at it

Posted by Fish20 29th April, 2008

Why isn't it fun anymore Hempuli?
Posted by Hill Gigas 30th April, 2008

There should be a giant DC game released just composed of abandoned games.

There may be a problem when all the different frame sizes though.
Posted by AndyUK 30th April, 2008

also people don't often abandon good games... so quality would be an issue.
Posted by Va1entine 30th April, 2008
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I didn't like score go very much but i felt the custom platform engine was great game! Ladders 2 was alright you should finish that one!
Posted by Ricky 30th April, 2008

I didn't like it much either





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