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Mine kart
Author: Ricky Submitted: 6th January, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 281

Edited By Ricky on 1/8/2009

This is a little program i made few months ago that lets you build tracks. It uses a kind of flawed engine has poorly done acceleration. The mine kart is pretty much glued to the track you build until it reaches the end of your track.

There are no interesting features, no loops, no saves. This is open source.

You can play with this until PRC is done

A smaller version for vitalize:

Review This Download (30kb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 7th January, 2009
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"people who look at code are cool"
Hey thanks!

Also pretty cool little engine
Posted by Ricky 7th January, 2009

thank you
Posted by OMC 7th January, 2009

You know, I was debating making a mine cart game for the vitalize section of my site... I may take a look at this later to see how you did it.
Posted by Ski 7th January, 2009

I just misread that for you having a mine cart section on your site Had to read it twice.

Cool engine, RickyG
Posted by Otter 8th January, 2009

I remember playing this on Gwerdy Chat.
You said you were making it for Zombie Hunt 2, is that true?
Posted by Ricky 8th January, 2009

yes, that was it's original purpose
Posted by Jon C-B 8th January, 2009
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Wow! that vitalize version was really good! If you expounded on that you could make a pretty good game/minigame!
Posted by UnknownAlly 8th January, 2009

I need to download Vitalize
Posted by Cazra 8th January, 2009

The entire minecart falls when only its front wheel isn't on the track.

You should prevent the minecart from falling unless both wheels are off the track. Otherwise neat engine.
Posted by ashley rodwell 11th January, 2009

how do i play .mfc files?
Posted by Ricky 11th January, 2009

you need mmf to play .mfa files.
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th January, 2009
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This is awesome! I Dl'd the mfa and it was a bit screwy. Vitalize!d it worked better. I wonder...
Posted by Ricky 20th January, 2009

what do you mean, they are both exactly the same, aside from the resolution.
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th February, 2009
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I downloaded it and the track pieces didn't fit together properly.
Posted by Ricky 5th February, 2009

you don't fit together properly
Posted by W3R3W00F 5th February, 2009
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Right right whatever. I'll DL it again. It might work this time. Tbh I think it's my comp.
Comment edited by ωξяξW○○F on 2/5/2009
Posted by W3R3W00F 5th February, 2009
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Wha? It works fine now! Did you have a previous version of it? If not then I can't imagine why it didn't work the first time on my comp.





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