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Author: Yai7 Submitted: 12th April, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 50

Bubble Girl is on her way to deafeat BigBig and his minions.
Fight each critter by either shooting at, or using the puzzle panel that containst elemental blocks.

Each blocks has it's weakness against another:
Water Defeat Fire
Fire Defeat Leaf
Leaf Defeat Water
Heart Repleanish Life

You may find that some enemies have resistence to type of block attack, some others have weakness to specific element.

Don't leave a block too long, as it blinks, the creatures are using it to drain your life faster.

This is the full version:
It contain 6 Episodes, 6 levels etch + 7 Boss stages.
That's total of 43 levels!

Password is given trough after completing several levels.
Full version contains 5 Life instead of only 1 power bar!

Enjoy playing Elementas!

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Posted by johnpow66 15th April, 2010
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hey nice game u got hir, im not really 1 for puzzle games and that but nice job on the water beats fire etc etc thing, but how do i enter doors? do i have 2 kill all the bad dudes? a gamer who likes puzzle games will like this 1, but i liked the title screen nice character





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