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Truball 2 - Demo
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 25th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 106

Direct the ball trough the level into the gate open handle, while avoiding various obstacles.

Play in several environments, each has it's own graphics, level style and goals.

In short words. Download it if you like the classic "Pong" game

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Posted by Simdrone052 25th June, 2002

Next time, try to take a better screenshot... As for the game, it is fun, but the gfx could use work...
Posted by SoftWarewolf 25th June, 2002

no! right over this i gona submit the Fireball 2 -demo GRR!
Posted by AfterStar 25th June, 2002

Nice screenshot! (LOL!) =)
Posted by AfterStar 25th June, 2002

DJ^ are u working on another nastyman's game? I really liked the last one,lots of fun!
Posted by Yai7 26th June, 2002

I am trying to make a NastyMan game. But I will need to work alot I guess. And I am not sure if it will be a big game.
Posted by Yai7 26th June, 2002

By the way Jay. on what do you base your conclusions if I might dare to ask. :) What level are you in?
Posted by Simdrone052 26th June, 2002

level 3 (i dont know what to say, heh)
Posted by DBack 27th June, 2002

Please make a new nastyman.
Posted by DBack 27th June, 2002

Pretty game.
Posted by Yai7 28th June, 2002

Oh. Yea. NastyMan. I had plans for this. :) I must find time. I have a different Mic now so the sounds might be badly recorded. My mic can records noises that are even out of my room. Beware of ring tones!!!





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