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Author: Yai7 Submitted: 7th November, 2010 Favourites:0
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Bubble Girl goes an adventure trough 40 levels, each contains various enemies to defeat. By shooting her power bubbles Wendy stuns her enemies, and then she can kick them away out of the play area and gain score which can later be submitted to the leader board You can revisit past levels that you already played in case that the game is over! Can you make it to viper city and defeat BigBig who want to take over the city?

This is purposely made to be a SWF export, so this is abit more simple than the other bubble girl games. Please enjoy anyway!

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Posted by Rich Datson 7th November, 2010
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Interesting game, couldn't always collect the hearts and some of the monsters like the nut spitters needed quite a few shots to kill.
Also movement was quite slippery.
Apart from that quite an enjoy to play, plus music reminded me of been in a dada jungle.
I know where you got the turtle idea from lol lol lol.

Posted by UrbanMonk 7th November, 2010

Yay! flash!

Why doesn't the grass have any friction?
Posted by The Chris Street 8th November, 2010
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What is it with you and women with big boobies?
Posted by The Chris Street 8th November, 2010
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Also, a bug? The exit door appears when the last enemy is stunned. Surely it should appear when the stunned enemy has been disposed of?

Movement is too slippery, music was annoying. But it had a kind of addictive quality to it, very similar I guess to Bubble Bobble in a way. Ok.
Posted by GamesterXIII 12th November, 2010
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Posted by Disthron 12th November, 2010

I'd also like to know why the controls are so slippery.
Posted by Solgryn 12th November, 2010

The controls are so "slippy" cause he used the default platform control, set the speed way up and the acceleration/deacceleration down...

Yea I don't like the controls , but otherwise it's good
Posted by AndyUK 12th November, 2010

Yeah the controls are a pain in the arse. I'm pretty sure ive played this before though.
Posted by Marko 13th November, 2010
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Not bad, but the gameplay became repetitive after just a couple of levels, which stopped me from wanting to play on. The controls seemed "sloppy" and too difficut at first but soon became part of the challenge, so wasn't a problem for me. Just repetitive, i'm afraid.
Posted by MJK 13th November, 2010
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Nice, reminds me of Bubble Bobble.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 2nd September, 2013

Innit this bubble girl?






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