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Atari 2600 example (by Aloan Moreira)
Author: Aloan Moreira Submitted: 15th May, 2011 Favourites:0
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Download here:!AgeVSDKVW0EIg0u4zMSrHIz4Ttfn?e=3fqBge

This is an awesome mfa with a lot of sprites for inspiration for your Atari 2600 type of game!

I have created a marvelous webpage that explains how to make your game look like a real Atari 2600 game, as well as to get the required Layer object, to download the Atari 2600 sound effects library and to get the testing instructions:

Review This Download (2.24mb )

Posted by Phredreeke 16th May, 2011

"So the atari had 3 resolutions at your disposal.
40 x 48 - 80 x 96 - 160 x 192 "

Ermm... No. The maximum horizontal resolution was 160 pixels for sprites only (although they could be doubled and quadrupled in width, effectively giving you 80 or 40 pixel resolution) The playfield resolution was limited to 40 pixels horizontally.

The only limit to vertical resolution was the number of scanlines in a TV signal, but most games around 192 lines because that's what would be visible on most TVs at the time anyway and additional lines would reduce the time available for game logic.

I do welcome the idea of "Atari 2600 style games" though.

BTW don't forget sprite flicker if you got more than two sprites on the same line!
Posted by Aloan Moreira 26th September, 2012

Thank you for the input. I have created an entire webpage teaching and sharing all the good stuff. See link above and
Have fun!
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