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Wumplus World
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames] Submitted: 6th December, 2011 Favourites:0
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Edited By Stephen [NeonairGames] on 12/11/2011

Edited By Stephen [NeonairGames] on 12/6/2011

Oh hi! I came back from the dead to post one of my new games.

Wumplus World is a simple dungeon crawler game starring the fearless feline hero, Adventure Kitteh! This game was developed as a project for an Artificial Intelligence class. It features human-controlled mode and AI-controlled mode.

Also, this game is written in Java. Yeah, that's right! I've just committed the blasphemy of posting a non-klik game here!

Your goal is to navigate the Wumpus's cave, find the gold, maybe meet the Wumpus's friendly cousin, the Supmuw, and escape back through the cave entrance without falling in a pit or getting eaten by the foul-tempered and flatulent Wumpus.

The game can also load maps from text files containing map data. Instructions for creating your own maps are included in the README.

Since this was mostly an academic project, I'm also making available the open-source version of the game.
The open-source version isn't compiled. You'll have to do that yourself.

Further instructions are included in-game.

Explore the dungeon! Slay the Wumpus! Escape with the gold!

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Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th January, 2012

Nobody likes it because I made it Java, huh? I see how it is...
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 13th May, 2012

Looks great! I love Dungeon Crawlers, and have no idea how I missed this. Downloading!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 13th May, 2012

Very interesting concept, it's almost a dungeon crawler married to minesweeper. At first I thought the decision to hide walls until you bumped into them was strange, but having had a few plays I can see now that the focus of the game was using your situational awareness to avoid instant death more so than actually fighting monsters and exploring the dungeon. The AI mode is a nice interesting touch, but if I could make one suggestion, it would be that AI mode is not the default selection on the main menu. I realize that this was made for an AI project and clearly that had to be your focus, but for people that actually want to play the game it just makes things a bit less streamlined when you want to start a new one.

In any case, I really like this idea and I'd like to see it expanded upon, perhaps with new levels/environments and new obstacles to discover. A record of my best scores would also be nice, perhaps a more complex scoring system too so I don't feel that it's entirely up to the position of the gold relative to my starting area.

By the way, why did you opt for the "rotate / up to move forward" style of movement? Was it to do with your AI pathfinding? I just feel that in a tile-based game, the standard up, down, left, right is the path of least resistance.

Nice work and cool game!

Sorry, but I just found a bug. I started a new game on a random map and my character began in a 2x2 square area, completely walled off. If I may, I suggest you fix this by having a "worm" object that uses the same texture as your background spawn where the player begins. Make the worm move on a tile-by-tile basis towards the gold using whatever pathfinding or random movement method you wish, having it paste itself as a non-obstacle to the background with each tile it covers. This should guarantee a possible play-through each time and you'd only have to implement it in the random map mode.

Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 5/13/2012
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 21st May, 2012

Thanks for your comments! I don't plan to develop upon this game any further, but I'll keep your suggestions in mind for future projects.





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