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Micro Drive
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 27th February, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Racing Downloads: 66

Edited By NastyMan on 3/4/2012

Edited By NastyMan on 3/4/2012

Edited By NastyMan on 3/4/2012

Drive a micro car in a road full of vehicles and avoid getting crashed into them, on the way, collect many fuel tanks and energy cells to gather points.
Collect orbs and fuel tanks in a specific order to score combos.
Race for the highest score

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Posted by Fish20 2nd March, 2012
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The text is cut off at the gameover screen so it reads Game Ove. The controls were too sensitive and thats why I didn't play this game for long. It might have been batter if you used rows and pressing up and down would switch rows like in Frogger, etc. The car moved way too sensitively where it was almost unplayable for me.
Comment edited by wasitacaroracatisaw on 3/3/2012
Posted by s-m-r 2nd March, 2012

I really enjoyed this. The game's simplicity can be a turn off to some folks, but I found it easy to get into the game and play it several times in a row so I can enjoy it as a dexterity/reflex game.

Also NastyMan, you may want to update the link, as the game has been accepted and is no longer "under judgment" at NewGrounds.
Posted by s-m-r 23rd March, 2012

...I'm still playing this one, and having fun with it.

Nice work, NastyMan!





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