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Smiley World
Author: nanoco Submitted: 27th March, 2017 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 156

Edited By nanoco on 15/03/2020

Smiley World is an online platforming video game published in 2019 by Nanoco. It was developed in a 16-bit Windows 3.11 environment for the aesthetic and performance. Features include parallax scrolling frontwards and backwards, elegant collision detection, re-purposed arcade-style graphics and full-size levels with room to spare! The project aims to push Klik & Play to the max with minimal improvements in Clickteam Fusion for the Windows build.

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Posted by Yai7 1st May, 2017

Great demo!
Posted by AndyUK 28th May, 2017

Looks like it needs a bit more meat on the bones.
Posted by DaVince 6th August, 2017

Neat, impressive considering it's a KnP game.
Posted by Jenswa 18th August, 2017

Nice little demo!
Although the jumping is a bit sticky on my run with it.
Posted by The MPP 21st November, 2017
Rated :

I like the graphics but this is a pretty weak demo, there was only one level and that one wasn't very fun. The jumping also feels a bit off. This game has great potential but this is just a bit too small.
Posted by mustafa albahrani 9th November, 2019
Rated :

i loved the graphics but found the the running a bit to fast for my liking. if he can have a slow acceleration it would be way better in my opinion
Posted by nanoco 23rd February, 2020

Thanks for the tips everyone. Wrapped up the full version free to download. Enjoy!
Posted by BigAl0104 28th February, 2020
Rated :

It was alright. I liked some of the ripped graphics from other games such as Rick from Kirby, Jaws from the NES game, and the Flappy Birds . The music and sfx were also good and definitely fit the game. The only thing that could have been better would be collisions. I can tell it doesn't use the Platform Movement Object, and it makes sense because it was made with KnP. Also, I wish it had more levels because it has potential to be a big game. Overall, not bad!
Posted by Entura 4th March, 2020

@The MPP The game is made in KnP so you should by now stay on the same track




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