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MyCraft RTS
Author: Alien Seed Games Submitted: 19th April, 2018 Favourites:1
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 16

Edited By Alien Seed Games on 21/04/2018

Hello i am long time media fusion user. I have made lots of games over the year never finishing them.

SO! Here are sum of my best ones for other click users to play and get ideas and see what media fusion can do!

my Craft RTS is a long time project to make a RTS engine in fusion i have made this game over like 10 times now. so yeat a gen not much game play more just a test engine with sum dev tools up top left.

NOTE: GAME PLAY!! there is game play build concrete pads with worker from main building then build supply to build more units! and scout map to spawn AI!

DEV BLOG LINK with old versions to download

Game play video of older version

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 (24mb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd April, 2018
Rated :

Alright so this is pretty amazing. Obviously it takes a lot of inspiration from Starcraft, but that's not a bad thing.

Usually when I play an RTS made with fusion it feels a little clunky. Not the case here. Everything responses just the way I would expect it to.

I tried to win about 3 times, but couldn't do it. It was a blast though!

I thought the 3D effects were pretty darn amazing! That coupled with the well coded gameplay made this a pretty impressive feat for a fusion game!

Amazing work! This is the best game you've uploaded here I must say!
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd April, 2018
Rated :

Also I had to laugh at MonadoBoy64's review. He's either never played an RTS before, or is just bored. I'm not sure.

I would take his review with a grain of salt. You're an absolute master at Fusion. 5 stars from me!
Posted by Alien Seed Games 24th April, 2018

Well thank you lots i thought more people would of jumped at this one!

Especially if thay are Fusion users!

But it seems to be a bit over peoples head thay dont seem to know what thay are looking at.

I put so much WORK!! in to this game. so thank you for noticing
Posted by MonadoBoy64 22nd May, 2018

Well, your kinda right UrbanMonk. RTS's aren't my cup of tea. And the only RTS I have every play is the Pikmin games and other than that, I haven't played an RTS before. Also, the reason why I gave it a bad review was because I couldn't understand what to do. But I forgot to mention that in my review. Sorry about that.






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