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You've Been Circy'd!VIP MemberCandy Cane
26th September, 2005 at 22:54:01 -

im trying very hard to make a level editor, and ive fallen at the first hurdle!
I know how to write data to an array and how to retrieve it, but the problem im having is....

1.I want to have a combo box with the tile sets available. when i choose the tile set i want it then to load an array that contains the number of each tile. then i want it to place these tiles into a box on the side of the screen so that they can then be dragged and dropped to create the levels.

2.Do i have to have all the tiles on the screen but out of view, so that the program can put them in place or is there a way to load them when the array loads?

(If im not making sense please tell me, please don't just ignore this post, i really am pulling my hair out!)


Professor AI

27th September, 2005 at 22:05:24 -

Assuming you want your player to design their own levels from a set of basic tiles?

This sounds very complex based on the built-in objects. I can see how to write a loop which creates a parameterized tiled screen using multiple copies of the same object usig different animations or directions, But since the tiles will have to be active objects to allow drag and drop, can't also be obstacles if you want the user to design a platformer.

So you might have to write your own code to make the active object tiles into platforms, obstacles, and ladders which interact with the player controlled object.

A big project.





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27th September, 2005 at 22:57:48 -

Use Text Blitters!
You can load in your level data in string format, page-by-page, and just replace the standard characters with graphical tiles.
You won't be able to COLLIDE with the different tiles, but you can use the level data and a few alterable values to make a pretty solid engine.

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