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1st December, 2005 at 21:05:08 -

For a level editor, I was thinking of making the game lay down a bunch of tiles and paste them to background. Doesn't sound tough, does it? But when I paste it to background, the pasted backgrounds are cleared when I scroll away. Pasted backdrops don't have that problem, but they add a big ugly black box where the area should be transparent.

BTW, the level editor's isometric, so it'd help if there was another iso level editor out there.

Maybe it's something simple that I overlooked, but I can't really think at the moment . Thanks..

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2nd December, 2005 at 01:11:12 -

I had the same problem once before, but it's fairly easy to fix if you are using MMF. Just replace the "paste object into background" with a "add background".

But if you are using TGF, I don't think there is anything you can do


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