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Gerwin Kramer

24th March, 2006 at 23:02:56 -

I really hope i'll get help with this.
So, I am working on this simulation game in wich you basicly keep a house party running.
Its gonna have a campaing mode with several missions and a free mode.
Anyway, the thing I need some help with; There is going to be a menu that shows icons of the faces of all your guests. If you click the icon, the status of the guest is shown. His/her name, current mood ,ect. Well, at least, thats what is supposed to happen. Any of you have suggestions on the best way of doeing this?
I only have tgf.
I made counters for all the guests that can come to your party, but they should only work for the guest that are currently at the party. So I still need to make a mechanic that handles the guest entering and leaving.
Share yer thoughts and let me know if you have any ideas on the guest status mechanic.


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24th March, 2006 at 23:20:47 -

I take it at the moment you have different active objects for each differant guest? (Clones). I think the best way to do this would be to create duplicates of one type of object, and then when they are created you can give them a random name and ID. This will allow you to do things like run a loop through all of them and display a corresponding picture and name for them it will also allow you to have heaps of guests as compared with creating each individual guest. Search TDC for loops and learn a bit more about them as I think they will be key in your project.

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