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1st May, 2006 at 11:55:59 -

What is considered a good way to create end of level bosses in MMF and TGF? I`ve seen some great ones, take Noitulove`s for example, and was just wondering how these were done. Some simple examples would be good bearing in mind this is new to me.

Thanks for any help.


Matt Boothman

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1st May, 2006 at 12:21:20 -

Well first of all you have to think of a good idea which fits the theme of the level/game. It's best to make the boss have many varied attacks rather than just 1 because otherwise it gets formulaic. The best example in terms of varied attacks I've seen for a while is the nuclear arm boss in Noitu Love.

A good idea is to have a weak point on the boss, or a specific space in time when you can attack it. Like, for example, it could have a shield around it until it does a special attack, and if you time it right you can hit it and dodge the attack at the same time.

As for the actual engine, it's difficult to make examples because all bosses are different. I'd steer clear of path movements myself, and have groups for every different attack, then you can trigger each attack either randomly or by the position or action of the player. It's a bad idea to have attack A, attack B, attack, C, attack A, attack B etc etc. Try to mix it up a little.

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David Newton (DavidN)



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1st May, 2006 at 12:36:41 -

Noodle's said pretty much everything I was going to say - have the boss perform a sequence of actions (or select randomly from a sequence to make things a bit harder), and leave weaknesses to allow the player to get a hit in. If the weakness isn't obvious and the player has to think a little to work out how to damage the boss, all the better.

I've always found bosses to be one of the hardest things to do in games, as not only do you have to think of a good set of ideas, you have to draw and code the whole thing as well. - Games, music, living in America

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