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25th June, 2006 at 17:33:30 -

Is their anyone that can make a example or link to a example of a small app the just tests the ping and online/offline of a app using MooGame or MooClick?




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25th June, 2006 at 17:56:26 -

The best way to test the ping between the player and the server, is to have the player send the server a message, and then make the server so that if it recieves that message, it will send another message back to you. Simply time the miliseconds it takes to get the message back from the server, and you have your ping. Of course, this would require that you host a custom made server, because any MOS server IP's you find on the internet, chances are, wont have this ability.

PS: I dont think MooClick has a built in method to track the ping of the server, I've been through it a ton of times, while making ArcaneTale.

PSS: Ping cant be tracked offline, because ping is the time it takes the players message to go to and from the server, and if your offline, ping doesnt exist. If your server is locally on your PC, your ping is most likely 0.

Its not a link, but I hope this helps atleast.

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