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1st November, 2006 at 19:58:22 -

I'm sure this question will make me sound immeasurably stupid but...

How do you play external mp3 and it files with the stand alone game they came with? for example, the .its in Spud's Quest and Special Agent and the .mp3s in Lyle in Cube Sector never play in-game. I can open them separately in just about any media player application, but I want to know how to get them to play at the appropriate times in game.


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1st November, 2006 at 20:35:33 -

It's strange that they aren't playing for you - as you can play them separately, your system's definitely capable of reading them (though this is pretty much irrelevant as the games should contain the right sound codecs anyway). At a stretch, it could be because they've been moved about since being installed - you didn't unpack all files to the same directory/discard the folder structure when unzipping them or anything?

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2nd November, 2006 at 04:34:42 -

Copy bass.dll to your system and/or system32 folder. They SHOULD work, I enjoyed the music in the games you mentioned.

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