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Andy Hull

5th December, 2006 at 20:39:45 -

Hey, I haven't been around in the click community for a long time (since Silky's!), but I gots me some MMF2 and I had a few quick questions. (btw-- I am loving layers)

1. In the frame editor, you used to be able to left click on an object in the side list, and then right click over and over again in the frame to keep dropping multiples of the same object. In MMF2, it seems I am stuck dragging out each backdrop object everytime I even want one. This is lame. Is there a way to turn on the quick drop option or anything?

2. Is there a quick way to access the global events, other than through the properties of the application. Since it is really handy to have most of your events be global, (ie-- all your engine defaults...) it seems silly that the global events list is so buried.

3. Back in CNC, you used to be able to paste an active object as a background object, and make it an obstacle or not. Great for level editors... But you couldnt scroll away from a pasted backdrop or it got deleted. Have they fixed this in MMF2?

4. Do global events and global objects and groups all finally actually work? They used to be so buggy that they were worthless to use.... just curious if they are air-tight enough to use in all your coding now....

5. What is the best way to order objects according to Y coordinates? It looks like MMF2 has this built in to the objects, but i havent figured it out....

hmmm... I think that is it for now, though I'll probably have more questions in a bit...


-astro out


5th December, 2006 at 20:44:54 -

On the first point, that annoys me too and there isn't an option to change it back. However, you can hold ctrl and drag from an existing object on your frame to duplicate it.



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5th December, 2006 at 22:12:11 -

For 3, yes, use "add backdrop" instead of "paste into backdrop".


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