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15th December, 2006 at 15:02:18 -

I've been working on my project for a good few weeks and I've come to learn that sometimes my Client (that connects to my MooGame server) just won't set the MooGame username. I can see this by looking at the debug screen on my MooGame Server, which is a different application (It shows "<nothing> Connected, ID=2847237482")

Does anyone know about this? It usually comes back again after some more coding, but sometimes it just won't go away, like now. Should I abandon the use of the MooGame nickname and start making the clients send their usernames when the server needs it (otherwise use UserID), or is there really a solution? I truly hope there is, because I've come kinda far.. Not that my engine is complex and hard to understand, but there's alot of code..
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