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17th January, 2007 at 18:59:47 -

I've got a pretty damn annoying problem that i'm not sure how to fix. I'm also not sure on how i'm going to explain it, but i'll try my best.

Ok so i've got the character that follows the mouse, just setting position to Xmouse,Ymouse yanno that.
I've also got a missle that moves quite slowly and follows my character using a race car type movement. The movement is a 360 degree movement that i designed using sine and cosine of course that follow an alterable value that is set by the angle difference between the missle and character. Right now i've got the missle always pointing in the direction of the character so the is virtually no way of dodging the missle. What i want to happen, is make the missle have a limited turning circle instead of an instant turn.
For example if the missle is headed towards the character and you quickly move the character behind the missle, the missle would not face the character instantly, but it would do a slow circle until it was facing the character.
If anyone could give me an idea of how i would edit my engine to make it do this would be absolutely awsome.

Especially that.



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17th January, 2007 at 19:13:21 -

Use two alterable variables to define the angle: angleMissile and angleToPlayer. angleToPlayer will be the angle to player, the one used in your original code. angleMissile will be the Missile's actual angle of movement.

+angleMissile < angleToPlayer
- angleMissile = angleMissile + radial velocity (a number measured in degrees / loop)

+angleMissile > angleToPlayer
- angleMissile = angleMissile - radial velocity

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17th January, 2007 at 20:26:29 -

I know that there was a 360 engine pack which included a perfect 360 bullet engine that would probably help. I will look for it but for now I must og to the bathroom. I think I may be allergic to shellfish....

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