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24th September, 2007 at 15:50:44 -

Hi, I just wonted to ask some questions about the animation editor/s in MMF2.

I've rendered some 3D animations from a 3D program. I have rendered all the animations as single frames, rather than a video.I maid them 24bit PNGs to preserve the opasity.

So my question is, can I import these animations as a folder? Like you do in Image Ready? I have had some successes in turning them into gifs and importing them that way but that doesn't keep the opacity.

How do you copy frames from one animation to another? When I import them as gifs the animations are all ways in the stopped slot. When I try to coppy and past them to another animation slot or aonother direction nothing seemes to happen.

And lastly, how do I apply changes to all frames? For instance, there is a tool to place the hot-spots and animation-points to the center of the object. If I make an posit direction to the animation I've imported the hot-spot is out of wack. So if I wonted to recenter the hot-spot do I really have to go and do it to every frame?

I'm sorry if this seems like a really nubeish question but it is really bugging me. If there is a way around it I'd realy like to know and if there isn't.... well I like to know where I stand.

Thanks for reading

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