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19th February, 2008 at 20:19:06 -

Everyone Post about themselves. I'd Like to know everyone a little better. Here's My Post:

"A Very Simple Game" is the only thing I ever completed.
And I did that in about an hour while watching television. My problem is just motivation and focus.
I have a rather short attention span, and sort of phase out more often than not. Ideas always pop into my head easily and numerously about everything and anything, not just games and I lack the concentration and willpower to make them happen. Many of the inventions out there, I had thought of as a child, usually a decade or more before they were made by someone else. But I know nothing about business or legal .. and have no money to set things into motion in order to take advantage of my only talent.

So, I waste my time away with dead end jobs and when I'm not distracted by television or sleeping, I try to improve myself in logical reasoning and common sense (of which I used to have very little of) and a good way to unfog the mind and begin to focus is to create something fun. So here I am.

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Blood of the Ancient One, Seen only as Shadow, Faster than Lightning, Fierce as the Greatest Dragon, Nearly Invisible, Floating in a Dream, Entered through the Demon Door, Destroyer of Evil in a Realm with a Red Sky Scarred, Who could I be ?

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