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26th March, 2008 at 18:28:03 -

I am making a game in which you control a tank which fires shells. problem is i dont want the shells to gos straight all the time as that would never actually happen. i want to add a small arc into their flight paths so that it looks slightly more realistic. the cannon itself has 180 degree shooting from left over the top to right.

One other side note: i am controlling the targt area for the shells with the mouse but i want to limit the mouse to being able to go a certain distance towards and away from the tank. make sense???



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26th March, 2008 at 18:45:05 -

As for limiting mouse movement, distance between 2 objects
A(x1,y1) B(x2,y2)

Distance = square root((X1 - X2)˛ + (Y1-Y2)˛)

and if you want to limit it to "R" pixels,
compare when this distance is > than your required length, and if it is use these on the cursor

X position = XPos of tank + (R * cos(A))
Y position = Ypos of tank - (R * sin(A)) (or could be +, not sure)
where A is the current angle between the objects.

This (provided MMF/whatever is decent with angles) should make it so it follows a circular path around the object as you move the mouse (you'll obviously have to create a work around so that it stays on the same radial line as the actual mouse cursor i.e the mouse cursor, crosshair object, and centre of the limited circle are all on the same invisible line)

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27th March, 2008 at 03:57:35 -

Wow some of you guys know the formula for everything...I was always crap at mathematics, but I love to make graphics and have lots of great ideas... but I always get stuck on the maths. I bet it's the opposite for you guys... love the maths, but probably can't draw too well? I'd trade with you any day!

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31st March, 2008 at 18:28:28 -

You could also use the Move by Bézier object.

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