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31st March, 2008 at 17:22:55 -

I don't know but maybe i could possibly if its ok then i could maybe make escape..... I think i could do it if i get good graphics and all the other problems. I know i said that already before the last one but plaese tell me, is it a good idea?

If theres a holiday compo then i could make a 4 of july one. Maybe?

I like making them. I guess i could please tell me if i should. Ill also except some thing that makes it better than the other ones.

All your base are in another castle, take this.




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31st March, 2008 at 18:40:29 -

here i come!! lol

do whatever makes you happy dude.
just make it as good as you can.
you don't need our permission.




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31st March, 2008 at 19:32:52 -

Make what you want. If you love making games, don't let others discourage you, since you'll only get better in time. Try to pay more attention to constructive criticism (i.e. ones which clearly articulate why they did not like the game) instead of unconstructive criticism (general dislike with no actual reasons given).

A few general tips/observations about the genre:

Good graphics can't disguise bad gameplay, but good gameplay can redeem bad graphics.

Get a small group of friends to beta test your games. Preferably, you'll want to be in a position to observe them playing the game without leading them through it, so you can tell which parts of the game are the roughest.

Pixel-hunting generally isn't fun for a player and is usually a cheap way to increase the difficulty. It is hard for the designer to tell what constitutes a pixel hunt or not, since he already knows where all the items are. I personally like adventure games where the puzzles come from figuring out what to do with what you have, not finding tiny interactive areas.

Try writing out a walkthrough of the game before coding it, making sure you can verbalize how the steps can follow logically from each other in the written word.

Play through other games of the genre, making note of what you specifically liked/disliked of the game. Were there ingenious puzzles? Did a moment have you running to the walkthrough, wanting to do physical harm to the creator for an unintuitive hidden part or puzzle?

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31st March, 2008 at 19:57:39 -

I agree with everyone else. You don't need our permission to make games.
Go for it. I wish I was in the mood to make a game (I generally open mmf2, look at a white screen and then close it)



1st April, 2008 at 04:36:39 -

I generally open up mmf2, spend the next hour or so trying to figure out what the hell my last month of coding means, then close the screen.

Alien Invasion. Going forward!




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1st April, 2008 at 07:49:39 -

Originally Posted by -Mr. Lazy- and Retainer
(I generally open mmf2, look at a white screen and then close it)

I generally open up mmf2, spend the next hour or so trying to figure out what the hell my last month of coding means, then close the screen.

These used to be me Now I don't even bother opening mmf2 unless I have a good design to work from, and I comment my code so it's easier to go back on

But on topic, read everything Noyb said and take it in. That seems like the way to do it. Also, judging from the comments on your Room games, you have a lot of criticism to work with. Good luck!

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