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18th October, 2008 at 18:19:36 -

Since I recently got mmf2 I`m not to familiar with all the new stuff inclunded. Thought I should get to know the program a bit better, so I`ve been playing around with it for a while and got to platform movement. "This I´ll be cake", I thought since there was this new shiny platform movement object.. but right now I´m really frustrated! Even though platform movement is not needed in the game I`m currently working on since it`s not even a platformer, I`m still darn pissed off that I can´t get this to work right.

What is it that I can`t seem to get to work then? It`s something called moving platforms/lifts, which in my opinion is something that must have been invented in hell to make people go insane.

What I do is create an "active object" which moves up and down or sideways with the help of flags.. this is not the problem.. the problem is that I can`t get the player character to not fall though the platform, I realise there must be a very simple solution to this but I can`t get it to work, hence I feel that I must learn how to do this before moving on.

I´ve been searching the forums but I´ve not found anything that seems to work. Tried to set the player character to "bounching ball movement" and make it stop/bounce, tried to change the players Y coordinate's above the lift when the collide, tried using floor detectors etc etc

Any suggestions are welcome. The goal is to make a platform that will (if it is a lift) ignore jump and if player presses up or down the lift will move in that direction. Much like the lifts in "Lost wikings" for snes.

Thanks to anyone kind and wise enough to help me get past this obstacle.


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