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9th February, 2009 at 01:48:34 -

for some time now ive been having issues of my computer randomly shutting down, but its not always completely random, sometimes when mmf2 freezes, it will crash, sometimes when fl studios and fusion, and firefox are open, it will crash, then when i restart it, it says windows has recovered from a fatal error, then when i read the error report it says that my pc has shut down to protect data loss from a driver or some crap like that. now, im assuming this is a feature that is activated when explorer.exe cant handle whats going on, im also assuming theres a way to turn off this feature via the registry just like load time slowing and delay on opening programs (for those of you who dont know, xp purposely takes extra time to open programs, i have no idea why but you can turn it off.) anyway, ive only seen this thing happen with xp pro, which is what i have, does anyone know how to disable this or fix whats wrong? (hope that was clear enough, any help would be very appreciated.)

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9th February, 2009 at 10:49:24 -

Boot up into Safe mode (hold F8 I think) when the system boots up. Run around there for a while, hell use the networking Safe mode option and just browse teh internets. If it's a proper system failure then it'll still crash. If not then you're looking at a software/driver problem. In which case run around grabbing updates for all your hardware (Motherboard, graphics etc).

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