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6th June, 2009 at 05:44:51 -

Here's a situation:
1. There is one active object.
2. I duplicate the active object to make N duplicates of the active object.
3. If I create an event, such that clicking any active object N will destroy the active object, MMF2 knows which of the N duplicates of the active object was clicked and destroys only that one. Interesting...

...which brings me to my problem.

4. Why is it that when I simply replace the "destroy" event with a color replacement event, the color replacement event changes the color of every single duplicate active object? I just stated that clicking any of the N active object duplicates will only destroy the one that was clicked. If I set up an event, such that clicking any of the duplicates will change its color, the color of 'every' duplicate changes. Why is destruction limited to a single duplicate while a color replacement is not? The events are not unlike each other, except one destroys while the other replaces color.

Another question I was hoping someone could answer: Is there some kind of active object limit? I cannot seem to make more than a certain number, in that the active objects are all present in editor mode but when I run the frame or application, half of them are missing (I think any over fifty are missing).

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