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6th June, 2009 at 20:07:21 -

Hey, I'm making this game called Blobomb and I'm working on online mode.

So, I got it working with public servers but now I wanted to let people host their own servers, with the c++ program given in the .zip file.

So, I can connect to the chat lobby and all but when I create a game it's like fifty fifty if it wants to connect to the channel or not... am I doing something wrong?

I am doing it like in this article:
That I wrote..

- create a game which players can see
- then next frame
- pick a character
- next frame
- connect to the localhost or whatever server, and connect to the channel (the name of the game)

It seems that it can connect but it cant connect to the channel, only sometimes ?

Also, at the server program it says that when I join game room, the player connects and then disconnects? WTH?? I dont even have a condition with the event disconnect.

It seems that the errors are like this: (It's like random which one I get and sometimes it works for one)

(Detail)NO ERROR


and then this interresting one:

You cannot HOST() and LISTEN() with the same UDP object

How do I fix this one?

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