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16th June, 2009 at 06:00:56 -

how is this done? ive experimented a couple of times, and well, failed, it ended up being glitchy and dumb looking so it was abandoned, but it would be perfect for my next project, all help would be very appreciated.

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17th June, 2009 at 06:30:04 -

Well, I haven't exactly messed with that sort of thing yet, but my guess would be to use some positional testing.
Positional testing is incredibly useful and you'll see alot of it in my 2.5d project.

Basically what you'd do is relate the characters x and y positions to the x and y positions of the object you want him to grab, then when the character is within the specified area, activate or deactivate code to make the character hang. (animation change, gravity deactivation, and hotspot adjustments are things to consider) ... Another way would be to change the animation to "hanging" with the press of a button and while the "hanging" animation is playing and character collides with the object to hang from, then activate the hanging code (and deactivate relative things such as gravity).

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