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30th July, 2009 at 02:59:23 -

I have many different values to keep track of and I've only been using counters to keep track of them but this is starting to become a hassle for me. I have like 12 different counters and each time I need to keep track of a new value I need to add a new counter.

I understand there is a way to do this with strings. How would I go about doing that?

(edit) also I want them to be in one single string, I think that would be very convenient

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30th July, 2009 at 04:12:04 -

Most of the time it's good to use String Parser 2. Simply set the string to the Str$ of each value, like so:

Str$("Alterable Value A("Active"))+" "+Str$("Alterable Value B("Active"))+" "+Str$("Alterable Value C("Active"))

You add spaces into the string to separate the different values, then set the delimiter in the event editor to " ". That way, it can read any string you set the source string to as a list, and you can use the List Tokenizing actions to get each element (the different values) of the list. The String Parser detects elements by finding spaces and getting the text in between the spaces. You then utilize the values by comparing or setting or whatever you're doing to listGetAt$( "String Parser", n) where n is whatever element in the list you need.

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