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18th October, 2009 at 20:59:04 -

How do you do this in MMF?

Specifically how do you do that transparent lighting effect that sees through the black sections of the bushes. (I tried to come up with a better way to explain what i'm asking but I couldn't convey my thoughts accurately enough so instead I found a picture.)

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18th October, 2009 at 21:15:18 -

Esentially from what ive gathered, cover the entire frame with a pitch black active, and set it's transparancy. Then I believe you can use the alpha object? i haven't messed with it for a while. It's either that or setting another object to xor or something. i think if you use HWA, you can mess with the values of xor in the event editor so that you can do time of day effects. just try messing around with that and if you cant figure it out or someone else doesnt chime in ill put together something.



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19th October, 2009 at 01:25:43 -

With the hardware acceleration build (patch), you don't need to be too concerned with things such as the size of objects or how many of them you have. With that said, how I would do it is create a new layer and set it's effect to SUBTRACT. Now make an object that is the same size of the screen, and in it's scrolling options, uncheck 'Follow Frame'. Make this whole object very bright to subject all the brightness away from anything behind it. For a pure black, use a pure white. Now make sure that this object is BEHIND any objects on this layer, because what you're going to do now is make a bunch of objects (again negated) that will be the lights. These will show up over your screen sized object (that's creating the black) and when they do, the layer effect of subtract will compensate and allow for the "lighting effect".

I created an example not too long ago and posted it on the forums at Clickteam. I'd get the link right now, but the damn forum wont load for me anymore.

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