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I create vaporware

28th April, 2010 at 00:31:10 -

Well, the last few days i've spend making a very simple management game, in C#, in which you just have a city and theres a number of botcities to attack, theres also a resource variable which is like the health of the city, and when you attack a city you steal its resources.

Thats it, and, well, it's not really that fun.

I made this just to practice some other language, other than using MMF, and now im almost done with it i decided to expand it for further practice, and wanted some thoughts on that kind of game.

What make 'em fun?





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29th April, 2010 at 05:40:01 -

So it's text based?

Sounds fun to me, but then again I liked Zork.

Add some sort of storyline, and random events. That would make it hold attention longer.




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29th April, 2010 at 19:06:42 -

Competing with others makes them fun

The game should fight against you. You should have a goal that requires some creative thinking to accomplish. Like if the city defends against you, and if you use the resources to build better fighters to be able to beat stronger cities. Or if other cities are also attacking your city. Or if you have a limited amount of time to attack cities and get as many resources as possible.

Also, simulation makes them fun, but it's complicated. Like if your game simulated letting you destroy real life cities. People who have a fantasy of destroying Tokyo or New York would get fun from it.

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