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Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment)

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30th April, 2010 at 13:36:59 -

Alien Adoption Agency (or A3) is a browser-based RPG where the possibilities are endless. Set on a distant planet in a sprawling megatropolis called Georgetown, A3 puts you in the shoes of your customizable alien. I've only just started playing but you can do everything in this game from battle opponents one on one and enhance your character's strength and equipment in the arena, try your hand at large-scale warfare in the clearing by building defensive structures and attack units and pitting them against other armies, trade virtual shares in the Georgetown stock market, go mining in a dungeon crawler type mini-game to find valuable minerals used for weapon construction and trading, buy a ship and explore the outer regions of space while battling other players and pirating their valuables, design apparel and pets that other people can buy off of you... the list just goes on.

The big plus is that it's not as complex as it sounds. If you're interested, sign up using this link... it gives me bonus credits with no obligation from you. =D


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