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Don't listen to this idiot


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8th November, 2010 at 17:44:58 -

Some of you might remember, and some of you might be trying to forget, a series of games I made with Scurvy Sanchez.

Recently I found this translation I made as a joke. We were planning to make a special retarded version using it but never got around to.

You wonder how to get off the island?
Du undrar hur du får bort ön?

I'm sorry but this island is under control of Sergei Smellski.
Jag är ledsen, men ön är under behärskning av Sergei Smellski.

You're gonna kill him? I wouldn't want to put you in danger.
Du ska döda honom? Jag vill inte ställa dej i fara.

But if you find the treasure of Isle Maurico...
Men får du ett skattfynd på Isle Maurico...

...I'll help you find him
...Jag ska hjälpa dej hitta honom.

By the way, my name is Swellface Stan.
Vid vägen, mitt namn är Swellface Stan.

You found the treasure, huh? Well, I'll keep my word, although I don't like it.
Hittade du skatten? Jag behåller mitt ord, men jag tycker inte om det.

I need a coin to play...
Jag behöver singla slant...

I better find a way off this island...
Bäst jag hittar vägen av ön...

I've also foreseen, that you on this quest, will find the greatest treasure of all...
Jag har försatt dej på detta uppdrag, du hittar den största skatten...

This little flower is no match for my great piratey strenght!
Den lilla blomman passar inte en stark pirat!

On second though... We wouldn't like to damage its precious leaves.
Vid andra tankar... Vi vill inte skada dess noggranna löv.

Hello Sanchez... You've come here for my guidance...
Hallå Sanchez... Du har kommit för min guide...

I shall help you defeat Sergei, I've foreseen it.
Jag har försatt dej att förgöra Sergei.

To destroy Sergei, I can make a potion,
Att förstora Sergei, jag kan laga portion,

But I need some ingredients, you will help me find those...
men jag behöver ingredienser, hittar du åt mej...

No one can leave the island without his permission, and no one gets his permission.
Ingen lämnar ön i hans tillstånd, och ingen får hans tillstånd.

I found the treasure of Isle Maurico, and all I got was a stupid t-shirt
Jag hittade skatten på Isle Maurico och allt jag fick var en fånig kjol

- Ok, you must admit that was the most creative cussing this site have ever seen -

Make some more box arts damnit!

Eternal Man [EE]

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9th November, 2010 at 11:23:12 -

Hahaha! You really should make a version with that! It's hilarious!

My favorite;
No one can leave the island without his permission, and no one gets his permission.
Ingen lämnar ön i hans tillstånd, och ingen får hans tillstånd.

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...actually Ell Endie, but whatever.


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Candy Cane
9th November, 2010 at 11:50:55 -

I guess Swedes might find this amusing.


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