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VIP MemberSnow
31st March, 2011 at 21:32:51 -

My idea for Xorg is a B&W shooter. (think Cave story and Hero core) but it has no story,
and the levels are pseudo-randomly generated.(think sanctuary 17)


???: Main character.

Xorglings: Floating blob-like organisms.

Tanks: two types, one flys, one walks. can be piloted by Xorglings or the Character.

Weapons: every hit knocks weapon level down by one half, rounding up. (level 9 hit= Knocked to level 5) when hit on Level 1, you lose.

1: blaster(nothing special)

2: double

3: triple(fans out)

after this, special weapon types such as fireball and freezeray, are included.
the controls would be like cavestory. (arrow keys, Z, X, etc.)

that's all I've got so far.


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31st March, 2011 at 22:31:05 -

Well you can just submit games now to the arcade. And why not make a project page instead of this? And the pick doesnt work.


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5th January, 2014 at 05/01/2014 05:53:49 -

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