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26th March, 2012 at 26/03/2012 01:17:49 -

Anyone interested in doing some simple (and basic) graphics for runner type game (like Canabalt)

- Platform
- Backgrounds (Parallax)
- Character (Running, Jumping, Falling)


- Title: "W3 can jump!"
- Custom font: Single Jump/Double Jump/Triple Jump/Set delay/Set Power/0-9

Any graphic style (from retro to Photoshop even high contrast graphics) deadline 2 weeks - it's project for my University where game is designed for disabled students I'm doing it on request by CBeeBies as a winner of London Global Game Jam.

- SciFi
- WildWest
- Cartoon
- Realistic
- Anything your sick mind thinks is cool (if not appropriative for Uni/children I will add it to later version after Uni).

All help will be credited and project is freeware.

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