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26th April, 2012 at 26/04/2012 13:14:27 -

I have been using clickteam products for 6 years and have only made one acceptable game. Yet I can only be a lurker who can contribute nothing to this website. I haven't made a game since 2008. How do you do it? It seems that most of you can generate either a large amount of small, yet good games or a small amount of large amazing games in just one year and here I am in 4 years not making a thing. I open MMF2 at least once a week and try to make a game and it never works. I am getting nowhere. Am I just really stupid? I can't even comprehend how many great games have been made by the members here and I feel like I am just beginning every day. What am I doing wrong? I don't want 6 years of making almost no progress to go to more waste than it already has. If this too turns out to be a failure then I have nothing left.

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26th April, 2012 at 26/04/2012 14:54:34 -

Things that take time are always made with care. Everyone has a rhythm. If yours is slow, you must accept it instead of trying to change it. Mine is slow, certainly. The last game I released to the community was more than 10 years ago.

Why can't you find it to continue a game? Do you get stumped with coding or graphics? Or do you lose motivation? If it's the latter, the way to motivate yourself is to turn that project into something that gives meaning to your life. If you abandon it, some meaning of your life is lost as well, so it becomes a very serious matter. In my case, I found that telling a certain story was what I really wanted to do, so the game is only the vehicle for that story.

If it's the former, find someone who is good at graphics or coding and team up. I'm obviously not the one to talk about this in terms of video games, but I never abandon a film project precisely because there are also other people involved. Of course, they have to feel the same way so that it works.

In any case, if you already know exactly the kind of video game you wish to do, it's only a matter of committing to it. And if you don't, study your favourite games and see what you can inherit from them.

Edit: And I do know what you mean when you see a finished game and wonder how they managed to pull it together. I used to feel lost for not knowing the "how" of pulling such projects together (the "how" of level design, of story plots, of world design, dialogue, etc.), but you never really know it. They probably didn't know it themselves until they finished their games. I guess it's pretty much like the rest of life. You have no idea of how it comes together until it does.

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26th April, 2012 at 26/04/2012 18:01:43 -

For me, Mr Stump's Dentures 2 has been in the works since 2004 and I've scrapped it, restarted it repeatedly more times than I care to admit. Nowadays I'm more of a perfectionist, but it doesn't stop me from tinkering around in MMF2, coming up with other concepts and things. Why not set yourself a target to make a game within two weeks? It could be something really simple in concept.

Try not to beat yourself up about this, it's not worth it



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27th April, 2012 at 27/04/2012 04:43:36 -

You're not the only one. I think it's just a question of motivation and avoiding "big game fever".
I've been using Clickteam products since Klik 'n' Play (a lot longer than 6 years) and have made precisely ZERO proper games.
I've made many, many small examples and engines, and accumulated a fair amount of klik know-how, so I ought to be capable of making a decent game - but I just get distracted with new game ideas or projects not related to games at all.



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27th April, 2012 at 27/04/2012 05:13:25 -

Been working on True Diamond since 2008. Still isn't out yet.


27th April, 2012 at 27/04/2012 16:41:34 -

What Alonso said, in all caps, printed on the side of a house.

Learn to love the creation process as well as the high that comes with releasing a game. Nothing is wasted as long as you learn from each experience.



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27th April, 2012 at 27/04/2012 21:45:00 -

I'd like to say that creativity is like a muscle; the more you use it, the more you can use it. There are so many ways I can go about offering suggestions, but in all cases Leo Babauta says it on his blog, Zen Habits, better than me:

His post on "How to Finish" is here:

A guest post talks about cultivating new (positive) habits:

A guest post from Scott Young (a phenomenal rapid-learning expert kind of guy) discusses how to Get Work Done here:

I encourage everyone to make a promise to themselves, create a simple plan to keep being creative, then stick to it.



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28th April, 2012 at 28/04/2012 00:54:20 -

It's not a big deal if you don't finish games. You can contribute in other ways if you feel like you're just being a lurker.
Even though Ive released loads of stuff it doesn't mean I'm happy with any of it! lol


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