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Road Kill 1987

30th July, 2012 at 30/07/2012 12:31:52 -

Hi all, I'm stuck with this. I've not wasted a lot of time on it but thought I'd see if there is a way of efficiently doing it.

The situation is when you get so far in the game a lot of different coloured blocks come up and eventually there are no more moves, I've tried using active objects and alterable values to test but I can't figure out the way of testing this, also how would I tell if all objects match to each other's value and none of them differ.

Help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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30th July, 2012 at 30/07/2012 16:15:07 -

The first part, you'll need to give a lot more details.

The second part:

+ Always
-> Set Global_A to Alterable_A("Object")
-> Set Global_B to 1

+ Alterable_A of Object <> Global_A
-> Set Global_B to 0

+ Global_B = 1
-> All objects have matching alterable values...

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Possibly Insane

5th August, 2012 at 05/08/2012 11:21:08 -

Are you creating some sort 'match blocks together' game? It's the only thing I can deduce from your description, isn't going to be anything like Kirby's Avalanche? (Or actually Puyo Puyo)

If so, you also want to check if a set of blocks is continuous, by checking if adjacent blocks have the same color.

Or is it some sort of 'SET!' game?

Which means occasions can occur in which there are no moves left to do.

Please explain a bit more or add some kind of demo to show us.

Happy coding!


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