The Daily Click ::. Forums ::. Klik Coding Help ::. does anyone use sikuli, autohotkeys or any macros to help them code in mmf2

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  01/07/2012 05:03:00
27th August, 2012 at 27/08/2012 16:35:18 -

I love mmf2 I have been using it for years, but how I wish they would use text instead of clicking. I write very long programs and trying to find a particular loop can sometimes Be very difficult. I was wondering if anyone experimented with automating the mmf2 coding process with any kind of macros



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27th August, 2012 at 27/08/2012 16:48:04 -

If you're having trouble finding parts of your code, I recommend groups of events and comments to help you keep track of anything. It's just like in any programming language, you can spend an hour writing messy code that no one can read or 2 hours writing clean code that everyone can read. Making games will always be a lot of work, you will unfortunately have to deal with that.

If you put a million monkeys at a million keyboards, one of them will eventually write a Java program.
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