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  22/05/2015 17:52:15
14th June, 2015 at 14/06/2015 15:12:32 -

Hi...I am trying to send automatic click on a particular link inside a webpage.

I see two options to send click. One is "click button by Id" and "click button by Index" ... But how do I find ID or Index of a link? Can anyone please help me?



14th June, 2015 at 14/06/2015 15:52:39 -

Those actions exist? That could be a little worrying.

But anyway. First, to clarify - if the action is called "Click button by id" it's very likely that it's referring to a form button, not a link.

ID is probably the id of the element as written in the html file. Look at the page source code and look at the id given to the button. I can't remember if it's required for a form to work but usually it's there anyway. Something like <input type="button" id="formbutton" action="Submit">


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