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El Klikola

  25/05/2016 20:25:52
8th June, 2016 at 08/06/2016 21:55:02 -


I have been trying to find the game, The Sword of Cobalt.

The game had two separate parts, Act I and Act II.
It was a classic Klik game that played a bit like the SNES-era Final Fantasy games and had a unique graphic style to it.

After finally remembering the name of the game, I have tried searching around the internet for several years and have had no luck finding it.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find a copy of these games for download?



1st February, 2018 at 01/02/2018 18:33:50 -

Good things come to those who wait. Just uploaded them! Waiting for the admins to approve! Had both Acts I & II sitting on an old hard drive because I was obsessed with them in the mid 90s. It was my first time seeing a really good KNP game and it showed me what could be done with the program. Felt like there was no limit after being exposed to these games.

They're a little glitchy because I had to convert them in CF2.5 to work. I also have links for the old KNP installers if you have xp or older to get the original feel though.

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