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  15/04/2017 11:39:00
15th April, 2017 at 15/04/2017 11:51:05 -

Hello. It has been a while. I used to visit here on and off since 200,002.

Back in these days the internet was used for good. Like arguing about freeware games.

Now I see it's a desolate place where Trump is pushing us towards World War 3. Gamergate came along like the baby hypocrites they are and babied everything up. Good people were doxxed by anti-feminist weirdos. The man who invented virtual reality gave money to nazis. Nintendo stopped making fluffy consoles and made something serious looking. Microsoft flopped hard but came back strong. A lady wore a chewbacca mask. Seanbaby got married. Pirates stole Half Life 2. Find Kony. Nazis came back in a small way.

It's sad. Sad!

But what is more sad is I have misplaced lots of old games. Is there an archivist amongst us? I'd like to play lots of old Click And Play games... perhaps The Games Factory games. Any such archive would be downloaded and played intensely.



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15th April, 2017 at 15/04/2017 17:33:39 -

I think the saddest part is that the click community is nothing compared to what it was. Unless I'm missing some massive community gathering somewhere.

I think there was an archive being made by Cameron L Mercer. They mailed me about it a few months back but I don't know how it's progressed since then.

I think most of my games are still online.



  26/08/2017 19:47:58
29th August, 2017 at 29/08/2017 10:09:53 -

I've made a new account, because I couldn't remember the password from the old one I made.

It was so sad that I lost it now, since I had dozens of cool stuff achieved.

But still, it's always good to return to the good ol' days in here, even though the community of DC is starting to fall apart by an unknown reason.

Nice guy Convert2Double.

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