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  06/11/2017 15:06:39
4th February, 2018 at 04/02/2018 08:53:12 -

Does anyone remember Hill Gigas? Well, a few months ago, he released his very first game that he made with Klik N' Play in 1994!

The game is called "Doofas", it's about a pink dinosaur fighting against aliens. It's a little weird, you use the mouse to move the player, left click to shoot, right click to use a extra weapon and use both mouse buttons to use a special weapon. You also have to use the taskbar to close the game. (Here's a little tip : press the "+" key to gain an extra life

he game is filled with stock graphics and sound effects, which give it a bit of charm.

Here's the download :

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4th February, 2018 at 04/02/2018 13:45:18 -

OoooOooooooOooo! Iím gonna have to download this when Iím around my old computer. Thanks for the link. Iíve been on a nostalgia kick recently.


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