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1st May, 2018 at 01/05/2018 15:10:43 -

I made a very basic set-up for someone to use:

The game suppose to work like this, that you have to get the cop to catch a criminal by moving the blocks in the maze in a way that manipulate the criminal up to a point the cop can catch him as well as placing these blocks in a way that aids the cop.

However, as I do not much know how to make both A.I, think steps further than the basic direct manoeuvre, you can get the code on the link and build up on the idea yourself, use everything and you do not even need to mention me in any credits. At least, point me to a finished product... You only need the graphics to be made, and maybe I can even find time and draw 32X32 sprites of different criminals, a cop and the traps the criminals can use... I do not care for any credit, no credit needed, Just take this idea and build upon it if you find it appealing to you... You can even look at what I have made and build everything out of new. Just sharing an idea I got when thoughts came to flow on my mind.

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